21 May 2008

Another Divisive Comment

First it was the word "bitter"---and the pundits turned that into a 2 week diatribe of total BS. Now he has said the word "sweetie" directed at a female reporter. Thinking back I use the word sometimes and use it as a term of endearment and not a sexist thing...but then if one is looking for some overtone in it then yes I guess it could be seen as a sexist term. But I think if he had called her a broad or a chick, then these pundits would have a case.

My point is a mis-speak may happen to anyone, it is not the sole domain of a Clinton. To turn this
into a political statement of some sort is just LOW CLASS and damn silly!

Ferraro, a person I respected when she was a VP candidate, has lost all of my respect. She has jumped on the damn silly feminist bandwagon by calling Obama a sexist. I find that a bit much for a Democrat calling another Democrat a name because you are pissed that she is losing her ass in the nomination race. That also is just LOW CLASS!

But then politicians are the sorriest and lwest form of humanity!


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