06 May 2008

Onlookers Swoon For Bill

Did anyone see the stump speech where Bill is being Bill and taunting the crowd to vote for wifey. As usual he was basically talking about himself and once and awhile he would mention Hillary. But during a speech in rural North Carolina speech a viewer faints--he says, "need EMT and water over there"--and went back to speech without missing a beat. Then he tells the people to be quiet and give them room and returns to his speech without much concern.

The media reports on his comment, "I did not know I had that power at my age"...a little laughter and speech goes on.

There was no report of his attitude toward the person or his seemingly lack of concern for the situation. IMO, he was acting like....um...thinking....um....an ELITIST! Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Oh yeah, but Obama is the one with the free ride.

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