18 May 2008

Weekly News UpDate

Politics got interesting, more dynamite he said, she said, he said......but DAMN!........

The following is the news that absolutely no one could possible use.

1--Who cares where Jenna and boy toy will live?

2--Earthquake in China--1000's dead----More dead in Burma

3--More fires

4--more cops caught being stupid on tape---maybe they should think before the react

5--Robt. Modavi, winemaker, dies--no--not from liver damage--he was 94

6--Polar bears put on endangered species list

7--Calif. Supreme Court overturns ban on gay marraige

8--Another preacher caught i a sex sting--this one thought he was gonna be humping a 13 yr old

9--And as usual, more plane, car and train wrecks

There it be....not any thing one could possibly give a crap about.

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