07 May 2008

Gas Tax Holiday--Revisited

I thought I had heard this proposal of McCain and Clinton before. Back in the day, 2000 to be exact, then Pres, Bill Clinton was given this idea to help the working class voter. Back then he would not go for the idea because he did not think it would benefit the consumer.

But yet on this campaign trail, he is defending the same proposal that he would not consider. The Clinton people are going all out in their pandering to the white, blue collar worker. Why? At this juncture it is politically advantageous.

Obama has opposed the idea. And lots of economists and other experts have said it would be disasterous for the economy. Because he opposes it, he is labeled an elitist which is pretty humorous if you think about it...an elitist calling an elitist an elitist.....i cannot write this joke any better.

I will give Obama his props--he is telling people what the NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear. But apparently the people were listening to both sides and made a good choice in Indiana and North Carolina.

The good thing about this is that know that Hillary is all but eliminated, the news will probably let the support for the "holiday" drop. It will no lnoger be news until the general in November.


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CHUQ said...

way cool but what about the gas tax...can u explain it a little better....sarcasm intended.

CHUQ said...

way cool but what about the gas tax...can u explain it a little better....sarcasm intended.

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