03 May 2008


The hits just keep coming! HA! McCain and the Repubs keep trying to force feed the public that the Dem proposals on health care are somehow "creeping socialism". My friends(to quote McCain) that is pure bullsh*t. But this statement is very amusing.

“But before you decide to sign on to that kind of a program, go to Canada, or go to European countries that have government-run health care systems,” he continued. “My friends, they don’t work, they’re inefficient, and they end up in a two-tiered system where the wealthiest can afford to pay for their own health care and those with low income sometimes wait six or eight months for a routine kind of treatment. And that’s what I’m not going to let happen to the United States of America.” from a speech of McCain

And somewhere I missed the fact that the US does not a tier system of health care. That memo missed my desk completely. For that reason this statement will be in the running for the most anal statement of the year.

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