11 May 2008

Weekly News UpDate

The news that you cannot use was mostly politics and the wedding of the Bush woman child. You just think that cable news gives you all the news you can use...it is a lie.,..they give you some news and mostly crap...my updates show you the crap.

1--Cyclone hits Burma--40,000+ dead

2--75 students in 7 Frats at San Diego State get busted on drugs trafficking charges--higher education?

3--15 Philly cops caught beating 3 suspects on camera--are the just stupid?

4--More wrecks, crashes and chases--who f*cking cares?

5--More bad weather...more tornadoes...more rain............

6--Another Repub bites the sexual dust--Rep Fosella, a champion of morality has admitted he fathered an illegitimate child.

7--Yet another construction crane accident--in Tacoma, WA.

That is it...all the news that NO one can use....Peace Out!

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