29 December 2006

Successful Third Party


The US there has been lots of third parties and candidates, but most have been unsuccessful because many reason. THe following is, in my opinion, a recipe for a third party to be used if it wants to be successful in its endeavors. For years these paries have been plagued by a one issue platform, or a weak leader or other problems that have help it be defeated in the polls.

A successful third party has to function on many levels from supporting local projects to implimenting foreign policy. All parties that attempt to qualify for the American democratic process should have the following characteristics.

Leadership Recruitment--A party leader must command respect of all within the party. He/she should have common interests as the party, be capable of giving the party public attention and have a grasp on the function of government. Above he/she must have the interest of the party as the foremost ideal.

Common interests--the party must become the mediator on a wide range of political interests. The best way to do this is to set up an internal party apparatus that will define, present, discuss, compromise and correlate ideas and stances.

Policy Formulation--Once the ideals of the party are defined then the part, once the peoples desires are identified then it comes to the party apparatus to formulate policies. Once the platform is set then the party goes about educating the people on those policies. It is imperative that the people's voices be heard and acted on--the people must set the agenda.

Campaigning--THis is probably the most single important aspect of running a party candidate. Granted third parties typically do not have the funds as the two majors, but it must try and keep up with the others, by using media advisers, polling, direct mailings and other professionals. Putting together a grassroots organization can help lighten some of the monetary burden. Another excellent tool in campaigning is the door to door approach. This gives the people a chance to talk with a supporter to help clarify any misunderstandings. This also will use volunteers and would lessen the monetary load.

Governing--Lastly, the party must function on the permise that it will win the election and in doing so, must be prepared totally to govern. The candidate must have a complete grasp of what his functions will be and be the most capable person to carry out those functions. In a word--A Strong Leader With Confidence.

I realize this is a bit simplistic but It is a good outline for a party, a third party, to follow. If followed religiously, the party would have better chance than those of the past.


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