28 December 2006

Close The Door--I Feel a Draft

During the recent mid term elections, Kerry mad an unfortuante statement, that being if you do not do well in college, you could wind up in Iraq. Not a good choice of words. He was almost immedately attacked for his statement and called a multiple amount of names. The problem is he chose the wrong venue to voice this opinion, even though, I personally think is correct.

After the elections, Rangel of Michigan called for a new draft. Almost immediately he also was chastized for his comments and the names began.

About the 1st of December a panel was put together by the Administration to study the viability of a new draft.

And recently, a program is being considered to offer immigrants a fast track to citizenship by volunteering for active duty.

Does any of this sound that it is a healthy recruitment program? Does this sound like we are meeting the goals set for the military? What will this do for the opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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