09 June 2008

The Young And Labor Unions

Young people need new lessons about labor unions -- themorningcall.com

Thgere needs to be more emphasis on the education of the young on the need for labor unions. They learn about the necessity of a pledge of allegiance, but know little about the contributions of unions to American life.

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Tommy Times said...

A friend of my seventh grader was doing a class project in which the kids operated a restaurant using the school facilities, for one or two nights. The parents and friends were able to make reservations, and they paid for the food. I asked my child's friend how much they were getting paid, and they said 'nothing, just our grade.' I said 'sounds like you need a union.' I was a little pushy, but the child said 'I could get fired, and then I would get a bad grade.'

So kids are learning about unions, they are just learning the wrong things.

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