03 June 2008

More Congressmen Hospitalized

Sorry, but this is the result when we allow these guys and gals to spend 50 yrs in the Congress. It is called old age.

Sen. Robert Byrd, the oldest member of the U.S. Senate and a fierce opponent of the Iraq war, was taken to a Washington-area hospital for observation on Monday after a caregiver noticed that he was lethargic, a spokesman for the West Virginia Democrat said.

Byrd, 90, was at work in the Senate earlier in the day and had gone home where his caregiver grew concerned about his condition, spokesman Jesse Jacobs said.

Byrd first won election to the Senate in 1958.

There has been a wealth of these people having to go to the hospital...I realize that I may seem a bit cold, but I do think that there should be a two term limit on all these guys and gals. Ifr they stay longer then they start acting like it is their god given right to rule.

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